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We need your help to collect backpacks and school supplies, and other products for foster children that may otherwise go without the proper essential items that assist in their education. By purchasing a backpack for a foster child you are ensuring that a child will have the necessary school supplies.

Every child should fit in so please help make the difference in our community.

Your donation of $19.60 will purchase an Elementary bundle or a donation of $21.60 will purchase a Jr. High bundle. Your donation will provide a backpack and school supply kit for our foster children who are preparing for the upcoming school year. 

We have also added a young adult hygiene kit for $6.75 and a baby kit for $15.00 Thank you for caring enough to make a difference in the lives of foster children and for the dedicated parents who provide loving homes for them.

For more information, you can call Rativa at 201-960-9228 or e-mail hudsoncares@mail.com. Ordering is simple. Select one of the kits below. Determine how many students you want to help. Provide your credit card information on the secured web site and that's it.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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  1. Baby Kit

    Baby Kit


    Each kit contains 13 items and is packed inside of an attractive, gender-neutral diaper bag with shoulder strap. Learn More
  2. Elementary Bundle

    Elementary Bundle


    The Elementary Bundle contains one (1) Elementary School Supply Kit and one (1) Elementary Style Backpack. Learn More
  3. Junior High Bundle

    Junior High Bundle


    The Elementary Bundle contains one (1) Junior High School Supply Kit and one (1)Junior High Style Backpack.

    Learn More
  4. Young Adult Hygiene Kit

    Young Adult Hygiene Kit


    Each kit comes inside of a water-proof, nylon toiletry case that not only makes distribution a breeze, but also can be used by the individual as a permanent storage case. Learn More

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